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Like with all digital marketing, having a well-designed social media marketing strategy is essential. After completing a social media analysis, we have a solid foundation for designing a social media strategy.

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Why is it important to have a social media marketing strategy?

Having a social media strategy is vital for all your future work with marketing on social media platforms. It ensures that you invest your resources in what will help you to achieve your social media marketing goals.

You need to have both a general strategy for all the social media platforms you use and a specific strategy for each channel. So if, for example, you advertise on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, you need to create four strategies in total.

Having a strategy in place is important for many reasons, such as knowing what goals you are trying to reach, which platforms your target group is on and how the work is to be carried out and followed up.

A social media advertising strategy provides a picture of:

  • What goal or goals you are aiming for
  • What should be prioritised and what is secondary
  • How the work is to be carried out, when it is to be done and who is to perform each task.

Who needs a social media strategy?

All companies that work with one or more social media platforms should have a clear strategy. This makes it easier for everyone in the company to work towards the same goals and it makes it simpler to follow up, optimise and evaluate all your social media advertising. You should design a social media marketing strategy if you:

  • Are planning to start working with social media or a new platform
  • Already work with social media marketing but are not achieving the desired results
  • Work with social media but have no clear goals for your advertising
  • Work with social media but it is unclear who is responsible for what

Social Media Strategy - Step by Step

To see what potential there is for your company, we always start with an analysis of your existing marketing on social media before we propose a strategy. Using a social media analysis as our starting point, we build up a clear picture of your current situation, while simultaneously setting a sound foundation to build the strategy on. In close collaboration with you, we tailor a strategy to your specific goals and our experienced specialists work with full focus on the data to ensure your advertising budget is invested where it will be most profitable.


A key part of the strategy is to map what resources you have available internally at the company and which areas you need help with. We need to decide who will create visual material, who will create advertising copy, who will answer questions and interact with users on the different social media platforms and so on. This differs greatly from company to company, and together we will create a tailor-made solution for your needs and goals.


Together we determine the goals for your social media marketing. A social media strategy can be very different from, say, an SEM strategy, where the goal is often focused on sales and sticking to a specific COS or ROAS. A strategy for social media may be more focused on communicating messages to as many people as possible or driving as much traffic as possible to the company’s website. Social media marketing goals differ greatly from company to company, and it is vital that we determine together what the goals of your social media activities are. Your marketing goals may also differ from campaign to campaign and between the different platforms.


We evaluate which platforms and target groups your social media marketing resources should be invested in. There is a range of platforms to choose from, and each platform requires its own strategy. It is not always necessary to advertise on all platforms.

If you have not yet started advertising on social media, one option is to start with one platform, e.g. Facebook, and then follow up and try a new platform a little later. Beet can help you evaluate and recommend the most appropriate and effective social media platforms for your company and goals.

It is also important that you have enough resources to manage the different platforms, as responding to comments, producing content and so on require a lot of work. The resources you have available are a key factor when setting your strategy.

Who you want to reach is also an important aspect to consider when you plan your social media marketing strategy. What is your primary target group? And how will we find those people on the different platforms? Beet has long and broad experience of working with different target groups on all social media platforms, both custom target groups and lookalike target groups.

Synergies with other digital channels

Marketing on social media interacts to a large extent with other digital channels, such as SEO and SEM. As a full-service digital marketing agency with deep competence in each channel, Beet is able to maximise the synergies between different marketing channels.

Our SEO team works actively to create interesting articles that can be used for marketing on social media. We can learn from our colleagues on the SEO and SEM teams about what customers are searching for on Google to find out what is popular and generating interest right now. These are just a few examples of how our experts at Beet collaborate between channels.

Get help with your social media strategy

Setting a social media strategy is not always easy, and your company’s strategy does not have to be the same as anyone else's. At Beet, we have long and broad experience of working with social media for clients in a wide range of industries. Our clients are companies of all sizes, working both B2B and B2C.
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