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Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms today, with younger and very active users. By advertising on Snapchat, you can reach a younger target group efficiently, and often at a lower cost per click than on other social media. Here you can read more about advertising on Snapchat.

Advantages of Snapchat advertising

- Reach out to a younger target group
- Active users on the platform
- The third largest social media platform
- Cheaper click rates than on several other social media platforms

What can Snapchat advertising do for you?

Statistics show clearly that different age groups use different platforms, so it is vital to identify who can be found where.

In Sweden, 23% of the population use Snapchat daily, with the majority of these being between the ages of 12 and 25. The platform is continuing to grow and the target group is broadening as more people in older and younger age groups begin to use it. The biggest increase is in the 26-35 age group, where more and more people are becoming active Snapchat users.

So Snapchat is a relevant platform to be seen on because:

  • It has a growing younger target group
  • There are many active users on the platform
  • It is now the third largest social media platform
  • It offers lower click rate prices than most other social media

Depending on your goals, there are several ad types to enable you to optimise for best results, e.g. single image & video, story ads, collection ads, AR lens and filter. Where is your focus? Do you want increased visibility, more traffic to your website or more conversions? There is a broad range of alternatives to enable you to reach your marketing goals and it can be difficult to navigate a marketing platform. Beet can help and guide you in the right direction.

In Sweden, 23% of the population use Snapchat daily


The target audience on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, with close to 300 million active users per month. Facebook and Instagram are still the most popular platforms, but Snapchat is growing fast. In Sweden, 23% of the population use Snapchat daily, with the majority aged 12-25. However, the demographic has begun to expand further, and it is now being used increasingly by both younger and older age groups. A third of 8–11-year-olds have used Snapchat in the past 12 months, and one in five use it daily. People in the 26-35 age group are also increasingly active on Snapchat. However, the older target group of 76+ is still not using the platform much. (Source: Swedes and the Internet).

Different ad types on Snapchat

Depending on your goals, there are different types of Snapchat ads to choose from. There are five different ad types that can be used for different objectives. Do you want to increase your visibility? Attract more traffic to your website? Improve your conversion rate? Your goals will help you to identify the right ad type. The five different Snapchat advertising types are:

1. Single image or video

A full screen image or video used for the purpose of making people aware of and hopefully clicking through to your website or to make a purchase. These appear when users switch from snap to snap from people they follow and can be up to three minutes long. We recommend, however, that they be no longer than 3-5 seconds.

2. Story Ad

Your images or videos appear in Snapchat's "Discover" function. This is a very consumer-friendly way of marketing.

3. Collection Advertisments

An image or video is used to present products.

4. AR Lens

Used, often in a humorous way, to transform the user’s on-screen appearance by applying a lens when taking a picture. For example, you can make yourself look like a puppy or a unicorn. You advertise by creating a lens which features your logo.

5. Filters

To show where you are or to check in somewhere, you can use filters to add a place or a location to a picture you have taken. You can also show your logo here.

Beet as your snapchat advertising agency

Beet has experienced specialists who can help you with all aspects of Snapchat advertising by:

  • Setting a strategy adapted to your company’s needs and goals
  • Starting up an advertising account with the right tracking and payment solution
  • Setting up all your campaigns in line with your strategic plan
  • Continuously managing your advertising account and optimising according to KPI targets
  • Analysing results and creating reports tailored to your goals
  • Working proactively and continuously providing suggestions on how to improve your results

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