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Marketing on social media such as Pinterest enables you to reach the right target groups efficiently. Marketing on Pinterest gives you a fantastic opportunity to create awareness about your brand and enables you to reach people on a platform that is not yet used for marketing to the same extent as other social media.
Here you can read more about Pinterest advertising and how Beet can help your company to build a successful Pinterest ads strategy. Are you interested in learning more about how Beet can help your company with Pinterest marketing? Contact us to find out more.

Beet as your Pinterest marketing agency

  • We work strictly data-driven to provide you with the best results
  • We are a Meta Business Partner, keeping us up-to-date with best practices
  • We tailor a strategy to your needs
  • Experienced specialists with extensive experience in Pinterest advertising
  • Experience from several different industries and markets

What can Pinterest marketing do for you?

The unique thing about Pinterest is how receptive the searcher is to your ads. Unlike other channels, the prospect is in a position where they are not only receptive to your products, but their goal is to be inspired by them.

Whether it's an ad or organic content doesn't really matter as long as the content matches the person’s search intent. The fact that the content comes from a company or e-commerce can actually be an advantage, as it informs the searcher that the product they are interested in and inspired by is available for purchase.

Advertising on Pinterest is not as competitive as on other social media, as there are not as many people who use Pinterest to the same extent as other social media. But don’t underestimate its impact. Tailoring advertising to search intent opens the door for people to actually buy your products.



21% of Swedes use Pinterest



52% of women aged 26-35 use Pinterest



10% of women aged 16-25 use Pinterest every day

Target groups and ads on Pinterest


There are several ways to build target groups. One example is by focusing on areas of interest. You can either target very broadly or very narrowly, as Pinterest has broken down all categories into a generous number of subcategories. You can also tailor your Pinterest ads using keywords, in the same way as SEM advertising. Or you can create target groups based on people who have interacted with your website or Pinterest account and target groups consisting of your existing customers.


There are several types of ad format, each suitable in different ways depending on what your goals are. The most common forms of Pinterest ad are sponsored posts (or pins) and carousels, either in static or video format. These are shown both in the home feed and in search results. The ads look the same as regular pins and are shown together with them. The only difference is that they are marked as sponsored posts.

What is unique about Pinterest is how receptive the user is to the ads

Beet as your pinterest marketing agency:

If Pinterest seems like the right platform for you and a relevant advertising channel for your company, Beet can help you by:

  • Setting a strategy adapted to your company’s needs and goals
  • Starting up an advertising account with the right tracking and payment solution
  • Setting up all your campaigns in line with your strategic plan
  • Continuously managing your advertising account and optimising according to KPI targets
  • Analysing results and creating reports tailored to your goals
  • Working proactively and continuously providing suggestions on how to improve your results

Vad är en pixel och varför bör du använda dig av en?

Det finns vissa nödvändigheter för att lyckas med annonsering på sociala medier och pixeln är en av dem. Men vad är egentligen en pixel? Och hur kommer det hjälpa dig i ditt arbete? Det går vi igenom i den här artikeln.

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