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In Beet’s social media analysis, we look at how your marketing on social media is performing and the potential of the channels in terms of your company’s needs. When we perform our analysis, we review the channels you are interested in, such as Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn or other social media. This analysis then provides a foundation for the social media strategy that is best suited to your company and its goals.

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How Beet works with social media analysis

A social media analysis provides an overview of how your existing social media marketing is performing and what potential for improvement we believe there is. At Beet, we map how each individual platform is performing, go through basic functionality and analyse the set-up of your advertising accounts. The final analysis gives a clear picture of your current situation on each social media platform and what we believe is required for your social media marketing to generate even better results.


In the first step, we examine how well each platform is currently performing, as this will lay the foundation for your strategy going forward. We analyse the current situation for your most important KPIs, such as CTR, CPC, CPM, ROAS, CPA, Bounce Rate and CR. Which KPIs we review depends very much on what type of company you are and what is important in relation to your goals.


We ensure that all the basic functions are in place, for example that the pixel is set up correctly and working as it should. Another essential function for all digital marketing is advertising tracking. Here we need to ensure that your tracking is set up correctly and that your paid social ads have properly functioning UTM tags. If relevant, we would also like access to your product catalogue to ensure that the products are displayed correctly in your marketing on the different social media platforms.


The set-up of the ad account itself is crucial, and we look at aspects such as:

  • The structure of the ad account
  • Whether all campaign types are used
  • Ad settings
  • Target groups
  • Whether any A/B testing has been done

If there is organic content, we analyse its quality, frequency, budget, response rates, content etc.

What happens after a paid social analysis?

When the analysis of your existing marketing on social media platforms is complete, we have a solid foundation for the work ahead. The analysis generates a recommendation for your future work with social media, and the next step is to create a clear strategy for reaching your goals.


The first step after the analysis is to create an overall plan for the work. We set the plan together with you and agree KPI targets, how the work is to be carried out and how it should be reported. Beet can help by suggesting goals, ad designs and how each platform should be measured.


Based on your requirements, we agree how we will work together. We set a plan to follow and your ads are posted in line with this plan. Throughout the process, Beet will optimise your marketing based on the agreed KPI targets. We maintain a continuous dialogue with you to discuss whether we need to adjust the budget, change content etc. At the beginning of each month, we review the previous month’s results and discuss upcoming marketing activities. We go through what has worked well and what we recommend changing.


Each month, we review the previous month's results. What we will present at the monthly meetings is decided together with you, but some of the most common KPIs we look at and analyse are:

  • Click-through Rate
  • Cost per Click
  • Cost per Impression
  • Frekvens
  • Conversion Rate
  • Acquisition Cost
  • Bounce Rate

We analyse the results we see in each system, e.g. Meta Ads Manager or TikTok Ads Manager, as well as results that come through Google Analytics. Which KPIs we analyse also depends on the goals of the campaign and on which platforms it has been shown.

Get a free social media marketing check-up

Before you start working with Beet, we can offer a free micro health check of your paid social marketing. This free check-up is much less detailed than a social media analysis – we carry out an overview of your current status, suggest potential areas for improvement and discuss how we could help you. A full social media analysis is much more detailed and is always the first step once we start working together.

If you are interested in getting a free micro health check, just tell us more about your company in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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