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In a rapidly changing world, it is crucial that your company is ready to adapt just as quickly to be sufficiently competitive. Beet is a digital marketing agency in Stockholm and Malmö with long and broad experience of digital strategy. We can help you develop a digital marketing strategy using dynamic working methods.

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The importance of a dynamic digital strategy

Linear plans based on yesterday's truths need to be replaced by more dynamic working methods. Your strategy must be to enable reality to dictate your plans, not to try to make your plans dictate reality. This is the foundation of how we work and the philosophy that we apply when we help our clients with their digital marketing strategy. At Beet, we are data driven and we let the numbers guide decisions rather than using static planning methods such as Gantt-charts to schedule activities that must then be carried out according to the plan. Our data-driven approach, based on dynamics and constant optimisation through continuous testing and evaluation, ensures we are competitive in an ever-changing world and that we achieve the best possible results for our clients.


Saeid Sasan


Our experienced digital strategists help you develop a strategy based on dynamic working methods to ensure that you are competitive in an ever-changing world. Contact us to find out more.

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Affiliate marketing specialist

Maria Jonasson


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Senior digital analyst

Martin Frönmark


Continuous testing and analysis of data is one of the primary keys to success with your digital marketing. Would you like to know how we can help you with digital analysis? Contact us - we'd love to tell you more.

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How we set a digital marketing strategy

Based on your company's overall goals and using thorough analysis and our specialist expertise, we assess your current situation and the potential for improving your:

  • web/e-commerce
  • channel and media strategy
  • product and service offer
  • campaign and activity planning
  • content and communication

Additionally, we review models and methodologies and ensure your organisation has the knowledge it needs. Here are some examples of the kinds of questions we try to answer.


  • How can we package our products and services in a way that appeals to the market?
  • What is the difference between centralised and decentralised activity planning?
  • What optimisation model should we use?
  • When is the right time to move from transaction-driven sales optimisation to lifetime-driven sales optimisation?


  • What does the customer journey look like?
  • How can we gain insights into different buying behaviours?
  • What channel mix should we have, and how should we work with each marketing channel?
  • What media risks am I willing to expose myself to, and how are media risks actually calculated and assessed?
  • What does the balance between pull and push channels look like? And the balance between owned and purchased channels?
  • What is attribution modelling, and which attribution model is the most suitable for us?


  • How can we get a clear picture of which customers drive which value?
  • How can we develop a profitable and loyal customer base?


  • Which marketing organisation is best for us?
  • How can we ensure our marketing team has the knowledge it needs?
  • What processes, tools and systems are best suited to our needs?
  • What can and should be automated?
  • What KPIs should we keep an eye on and how do we ensure the quality of our data?
Let reality dictate your plans instead of trying to make your plans dictate reality

Dynamic media optimisation

The world around us is complex, which means the likelihood of hitting the right spot and devising an optimal plan is very small. As a result, the marketing planning method always results in lower returns for media budgets and activities than a dynamic optimisation approach.

At Beet, we are data driven and use a dynamic media optimisation model to make decisions based on actual numbers. In this way, we can make sure that you invest your media budget in the right channels and ads, ensuring that you are seen in places that produce results.

How can Beet help you with your digital marketing strategy?

If you find it a challenge to answer the questions above, it would be a good idea to discuss your digital marketing strategy with one of our digital strategy specialists. Beet can help you to tailor your digital strategy to get the best possible brand strategy and direct conversion results from your digital marketing with the least possible effort, in both the short and long term.


Whether you want to adapt or supplement your existing strategy for the digital world or simply need an assessment of your current plans, we will design a clear, tailored digital strategy to achieve your goals in the smartest and most cost-effective way.

Based on your current situation and your business goals, we will create a detailed plan divided into clear steps, all linked to the long-term plan. And we are available for both consultation and implementation according to your needs and wishes through the entire transformation process.

Would you like to learn more about how we work with digital strategy? Contact us or drop by for a coffee and we'll be happy to tell you more.

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