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Reach the right target groups with social media marketing, also known as paid social. As a highly experienced social media agency, Beet can help you all the way from planning and account set-up to continuous optimisation and performance reports. Do you want to learn more about the social media advertising potential for your company? Contact us using the form below for the chance to get a free micro health check.

Beet as your social media marketing agency

  • Specialists with expertise in all social media platforms
  • We work strictly data-driven to provide you with the best results
  • We are a Meta Business Partner, keeping us up-to-date with best practices
  • We tailor a strategy to your needs
  • Collaborating with other digital channels to create synergies

Why choose Beet as your social media marketing agency?

Beet has experienced specialists in a wide range of industries and all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter and Snapchat. Beet is a reliable social media marketing partner that works proactively with your marketing on social media to reach the right target groups and build engagement. You can use social media advertising to strengthen your company’s brand, market your products or services and build strong relationships with your existing and potential customers. Advertising on social media creates a close connection between your company and your target group and enables interactive communication with them.

We will develop a strategy that is tailor-made to your specific goals. Our experienced specialists are always data driven, investing your advertising budget where it produces the best returns. Beet also has expertise in several other digital channels, such as SEO, SEM and marketing automation, ensuring close alignment between channels to maximise the impact of your marketing.

What happens when you work with Beet?

Our social media marketing professionals work very closely with you for a fixed monthly fee.

  1. We start by getting to know your company and analysing your current situation and challenges
  2. We design a social media marketing strategy and plan campaigns based on your goals
  3. We work continuously with your campaigns, both short-term and always-on campaigns
  4. We provide regular feedback and presentations about results


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Would you like to know how Beet can help you with social media marketing? We’d love to take a closer look at your company to see which platforms are best for your needs and goals. Just select "I want a Micro Health Check" in the contact form below and tell us more about your company for the chance to get a free paid social check-up.

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Continuous testing and analysis

Continuous testing and analysis of data is one of the primary keys to success with your digital marketing. Would you like to know how we can help you with digital analysis? Contact us - we'd love to tell you more.

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Our experienced digital strategists will help you to develop a strategy based on dynamic working methods and give you the power to compete in an ever-changing world. Contact us to find out more.

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How can Beet help you with social media marketing?


Based on your target groups, Beet’s paid social specialists will help you develop a strategy for social media and evaluate which social media platforms are right for you. Having a tailored strategy at the core enables smarter and more effective digital marketing with higher returns from social media marketing.


Today, most companies are aware of the importance of actively participating in social media channels, but in many cases their social media marketing is quite poor. For example, their advertising material has not been optimised or their target group has not been clearly identified. Beet’s data-driven approach using a dynamic media optimisation model ensures that we make decisions based on actual numbers. This means we can focus your media budget on the right channels and ads to make sure that you are visible where it actually produces results.


Beet has specialists in many other digital channels, so we can offer our clients a complete digital marketing solution. Having a single digital marketing agency not only makes life easier for you, it also enables us to align and create synergies between and within the different channels. We can also help you to reallocate your media budget among different paid channels in order to achieve the best results. This is much more difficult to achieve if you have, for example, one agency working with SEM and a separate social media agency.

Beet can help you with all aspects of social media

As a social media marketing agency with specialists in all aspects of social media, Beet can help you to

  • Develop a strategy and identify which social media channels are best for your company’s needs and goals
  • Train your staff so that you can work with social media channels yourselves
  • Manage and maintain your social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc.
  • Manage and maintain your organic presence on social media channels

Measurement and evaluation of social media marketing

Measurement and evaluation is a key component of all marketing. It gives a clear picture of how your company is performing in relation to your goals and is a vital tool for optimisation of your marketing. If you wish to increase your effective reach and improve the quality of your marketing, measurement of data is essential to determine what is working well and what can be optimised further. These factors help to ensure smarter and more qualitative marketing. Contact us if you would like to know how we can make your social media marketing more effective.

Paid social is all about giving potential and existing customers relevant information that builds engagement

The value of optimising your work with social media channels

A well-managed social channel can be a huge asset. By creating value for your customers, you increase their interest and strengthen their loyalty, which in turn can lead to them promoting your company through their commitment to your brand. The key to success with social media is really very simple: it's all about giving your potential and existing customers relevant information that builds engagement.

Smarter social media marketing

Social media marketing is not primarily about reaching a large number of people, but about reaching the right target group for your brand and building a relationship. With today's highly developed services, there are enormous opportunities to segment, adapt and target your marketing to reach specific target groups. This enables smarter and more efficient digital marketing with higher returns.

Sail Racing increased its revenue by 117%

Since Beet started collaborating with Sail Racing within SEM in February 2020, their advertising has scaled new heights. Here you can read more about our collaboration with Sail Racing and the results we have achieved together.

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93% of internet users used at least one social networking site in Q3 2020.



Facebook is the largest social media platform, used by 80% of Swedes.



50% of social media users use Instagram daily.

A well-designed social media strategy is essential

The basis of successful marketing is a well-designed strategy for social media. This requires a clear set of goals and an understanding of the company's current capacity and ambitions.

The following questions will help you create an overview to make it easier to design your social media marketing approach:

  • How can social media help your company to achieve its business goals?
  • Does the company have different business areas and aims?
  • Can these business goals be defined into quantifiable goals for the channel?
  • Do we have the resources to match our ambitions?
  • How can we reach out to specific target groups?
  • Which channels are best for achieving our goals and which can we ignore?
  • How can we adapt our content to make it relevant to the customer?
  • Can the results be measured and understood?

Measurement and evaluation is a key component of all marketing. It gives a clear picture of how your company is performing in relation to your goals and is an effective tool for optimisation. If you want to increase your effective reach and improve the quality of your marketing, measuring data is essential to determine what is working well and what can be optimised further. These factors help to ensure smarter and more qualitative marketing.

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