Display Advertising


Display advertising is a form of digital marketing that consists of digital advertisements, usually banners, displayed on external websites. As a Premier Google Partner, Beet can help you all the way from planning and account set-up to continuous optimisation and performance reports.


- Reach users at different stages of the purchasing journey
- Reach a broad target group cost-effectively
- Build your brand
- Increase conversions
- Complement your advertising on search engines
- Reach the right users at the right time

What is display advertising?

Display ads come in three different formats: text, image and video. The ads appear on websites in the Google Display Network (GDN), and can also be shown in apps and videos if you wish. Image ads are available in two formats:


This ad format means that the creation of ads is partially automated. As an advertiser, you upload ad texts of varying length, as well as images and logos in two different formats. Using this material, Google creates and optimises ads for the spaces where your ads are to be displayed.


Several different formats, where text is included in the image if you wish. This is an option if you want to have greater control over the material used in your display advertising.

Så lyckas ni med er displayannonsering

By advertising on the Google Display Network, you can reach the right users at the right time, no matter where they are on their buying journeys. Find out how to succeed with your display marketing.

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Why Display Advertising?

With Display Advertising, you can reach people early in the buying process and show them your ads before they've started searching for specific products. By using this upper-funnel channel, you can build awareness of your products or services and complement your search advertising. Display advertising is therefore a vital marketing channel for branding.

Reach people early in the buying process and show them your ads before they've started searching for specific products

Target group and segmentation

With Display Advertising, you pay per click, so it is essential to be aware of the purpose of your advertising when you set it up. Do you want to reach a broad mass of people or a specific target group? To find the right target audiences for your Display Advertising, Google offers a variety of segmentation options in order to make your advertising as cost-effective and relevant as possible. There are two main types of approach:


Find new customers through lists of interests, search behaviour and demographics linked to your products or services. Google also creates lists containing potential target groups based on the people who have already engaged with your website. With this approach, you can reach people who are likely to be interested in your products or services.


Target people who have already visited and engaged with your website, or perhaps abandoned a shopping basket containing products. In this way, you can remind people who have previously shown an interest in your products or services.

How can Beet help you with Display Advertising?

Beet offers a full range of services within Display Advertising:

  • Set-up and design of your campaigns and advertisements
  • Setting the right strategy and defining the purpose of your advertising
  • Identifying relevant target groups for your display ads
  • Continuous optimisation to reach your goals and KPIs
  • Coordination with your other advertising
  • Tracking to measure the results of your display ads
  • Analysis and reports after each campaign

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