Google Search Ads 360


Google Search Ads 360, or SA360, gives you the insights you need to understand the customer journey and to make better-informed decisions with robust reporting functions, attribution tools and third-party solutions in your SEM advertising. As a Premier Google Partner, Beet can help you all the way from planning and account set-up to continuous optimisation and performance reports.


With Search Ads 360 you can
- develop advanced bidding strategies
- create automatic campaigns
- get more out of your media budget
- increase conversions efficiently
- manage multiple ad accounts and campaigns from different platforms

What is SA360?

Search Ads 360 (SA360) is Google's advanced search management solution. It enables companies to manage multiple ad accounts and campaigns from different platforms, such as Google, Microsoft, Baidu and Facebook, and to connect digital channels in a single integrated interface. By using smart insights from machine learning, you can develop advanced bidding strategies and detailed reporting in real time and at scale. SA360 streamlines your marketing budget to provide maximum return. SA360 takes your search advertising to the next level.

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Why use SA360?


SA360 uses Floodlight, which is a conversion system used for all products in Google's Marketing Platform. You can use a single set of Floodlight tags for both display and search engine marketing. Unlike Google Analytics, the Floodlight tag can also track conversions from impression-based advertising, for example display advertising, which prevents conversions from multiple channels being counted more than once. This ensures a more accurate picture of the distribution of your marketing spend. Seamless integrations enable you to upload offline conversions, call tracking and business data to provide you with reporting insights and automate your campaign management.

SA360 enables you to create search campaigns, ads and keywords for your products automatically, based on your inventory information


SA360 is powered by Google's machine learning. Using sophisticated insights and real-time data, it can streamline your bidding process and automatically optimise your campaigns at portfolio level to achieve your goals. You can easily see your bid frequency and visualise trends in your advertising. Auction Time bidding uses machine learning in the bidding strategy.


With SA360's budget management, you can draw up budget plans for your campaigns and include the goals you wish to achieve. Just specify a time frame, and SA360 will give you an estimate of expected results based on historical data. You can then make edits and adjustments to make your plan exactly how you want it, based on your goals.

SA360 optimises your search campaigns for mobile devices using a sophisticated set of target group signals and mobile-specific and geographical features so you can reach your target audience anywhere, anytime. You can also market your app using Google Ads App Installs. You can also see which conversions start on one device and end on another.

If you connect SA360 with Merchant Center, Inventory Management can help you to automatically create search campaigns, ads and keywords for your products based on your inventory information. If an item runs out, it is automatically removed from the campaign; if new products come in, they are automatically added. Your campaigns are updated in real time, for example if the price of a product changes. Local ads that aim to drive conversions to store visits can also be managed through SA360.

How can Beet help you with SA360?

Beet can help you with your SA360 by:

  • Setting up a Campaign Manager account for SA360
  • Analysing target groups for your advertising
  • Setting up and testing the right Floodlight tracking for you
  • Connecting SA360 with your existing advertising and feed management accounts
  • Setting up reports based on your goals
  • Monitoring and optimising your bid strategies


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