Beet’s SEO Strategy Increased Academic Work’s Visibility By 149%

Beet collaborated with one of Sweden’s largest recruitment and staffing companies, which is also active in several other markets in Europe. Here you can read about how Beet’s SEO strategy enabled Academic Work to increase visibility in organic search results by 149%.

The goal for Academic Work was to improve its rankings for important keywords related to B2B in all markets and thereby increase organic traffic and B2B conversions. Beet's work increased Academic Work’s visibility for relevant keywords in organic search results by 149% in the Swedish market.

SEO strategy

Beet’s extensive SEO work focused on a number of different areas. The first step was to carry out a detailed SEO analysis, what we call a Health Check, with instructions on measures to implement in order of priority. This included in-depth technical analysis as well as a thorough keyword and competitor analysis for each market.

Our technical SEO recommendations, such as optimisation of speed, heading structure, broken links and structured data, were communicated directly to the developers at Academic Work, while our content-related recommendations were communicated directly to the content creators. Beet held SEO training for the company's content managers and then delivered monthly action plans, which were implemented by dedicated teams in the various markets. In order to follow the results of each implementation, regular performance reports were delivered to all markets. Based on the results of the Health Check, Beet set a comprehensive SEO strategy for the company.


Academic Work – one of Sweden’s leading recruitment and staffing companies.


Improve rankings for important keywords in order to increase organic traffic and B2B conversions.


Visibility Score increased by 149%
Visibility Score is a metric that shows how high a website ranks in Google's search engine. The increase was calculated from December 2018 (9,284 points) to October 2019 (23,137 points).


Visibility for relevant keywords in Google search results is measured by the Visibility Score, where points are awarded for the total number of keywords that rank. The higher the ranking, the higher the score. Working closely with Academic Work, we increased their visibility by 149%.

Focus on a wide range of keywords

Beet focused on a wide range of keywords, both short tail and long tail. The graph below shows the performance of one of the short tail keywords with strong competition, which describes the company as a whole.

Figure 1: The keyword rose from position 50 to position 12

Optimisation aimed at ranking for local searches

Landing pages were then optimised in order to rank for conversion-driving long tail keywords, where the major focus was on local searches. The statistics also showed that these landing pages generated a large number of conversions. The graph below shows the performance of one of these keywords

Figure 2: The keyword rose from position 6 to position 1​

Landing pages for profitable business areas and positions

In addition to local searches, landing pages were created and optimised to appear on Google for important keywords in combination with the various business areas, which were prioritised according to search volume and profitability for the company.
The ranking for the majority of these keywords has increased significantly. The graph below shows the performance of one of these keywords. We can also see that more conversions were generated from these optimised landing pages.

Figure 3: The keyword rose from position 30 to position 1

Landing pages were also created and optimised in order to rank for searches for specific positions in combination with important short tail keywords. A number of positions that generated good profitability in all markets were selected. This was done not only to be able to rank for the direct conversion-driving keywords, but also to create a cluster of internal links to strengthen the keywords and internal linking.

The majority of these keywords have improved significantly in organic search results. The graph below shows the performance of one of these keywords. We can also see that many people who landed on the optimised landing pages converted.

Figure 4: The keyword rose from position 16 to position 1

The benefits of targeting a wider range of keywords

To target more potential clients at a very early stage of the conversion journey, landing pages were also created and optimised to answer potential clients’ questions. These topics were related to staffing and recruitment, as well as other workplace-related matters that a potential client might be expected to ask.

This was done for several different reasons. For branding, it was important to take as much market share of the organic traffic as possible. Also, answering a question clearly can lead to Google prioritising the website in the form of a featured snippet. This type of content creation also builds greater credibility and authority within the industry. At the same time, potential customers who find the website are more likely to visit more landing pages and have Academic Work in mind when they have recruitment or staffing needs in the future. Interesting content also has the potential to attract external links, which strengthens the domain's credibility.

The graph below shows the performance of one of these search phrases.

Figure 5: The keyword rose from position 31 to position 1


To sum up, we can see a marked increase in visibility where several landing pages that were created and optimised for SEO purposes have generated conversions. As the results are completely dependent on the recommendations being implemented, the company's committed team and strong determination to succeed have been crucial factors in the collaboration.

The graph below shows the total improvement in visibility for Academic Work compared with its main competitors in search results. Today, 19% of keywords are in position 1 and 60% of keywords are on the first page.

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