MedHelp's Organic Visibility Grew By 1 240%

MedHelp Care is Sweden's leading provider of digital corporate healthcare services. Following the relaunch of MedHelp's website, Beet has worked with the company’s digital marketing within SEO, SEM and social media marketing. Here you can read more about our SEO work and how a close and effective collaboration between MedHelp and Beet has generated great results for rankings, traffic and conversions.

About MedHelp

Today, over 500 companies and organisations use MedHelp's platform, which includes absence management, healthcare advice, rehabilitation support and sick leave statistics. The tool supports managers and HR departments by giving organisations an overall picture of sick leave absence to enable fact-based analysis, data-driven improvement opportunities and, ultimately, increased profitability.


Beet’s collaboration with MedHelp began when they were about to launch their new website during the summer of 2020. The SEO team at Beet was brought in to ensure that the migration of the content and the set-up of the new site would follow SEO best practices. We began with an SEO analysis, where keyword, competitor and technical analysis provided a foundation for the new website that was being built.

The marketing goal

MedHelp had previously always had an inside-out perspective, so the challenge from the beginning was to find the right people based on an outside-in perspective. Beet helped MedHelp to come up with new product names based on what users look for. MedHelp's goal, to reach managers and HR professionals at medium-sized to large companies, was set in the initial phase of the collaboration. The keyword analysis was based on this goal, where we focused on finding keywords where the intent of the search indicated that a person with a relevant title at a company was doing the search. One example of such a search is "employee with a lot of sick leave".



MedHelp’s Visibility Score increased by a whopping 1240%. Visibility Score points are calculated by giving each position in the search result a dedicated score.



During the past 7 months, traffic to MedHelp’s website has increased by 85% compared with the previous year.



In the past 7 months, conversions have increased by 47% compared with the previous year.

The SEO customer journey - from inspiration to interest and conversion

Based on the initial keyword analysis, we also produced an SEO-friendly site map with both product pages and articles, allowing scope to expand the product tree. Within corporate health care, a lot of searches take place that it would be good to capture by having different types of pages, both dedicated product pages that describe how the product is used and articles that cover related topics. By focusing on the customer journey, from inspiration to interest and conversion, we were able to capture searches that include everything from direct conversion drivers to searches that answer questions within the subject. In this way, we reach a target group that needs to satisfy a need here and now, while also increasing MedHelp’s visibility for branding purposes.

Since the launch, traffic from organic searches has increased significantly, both to dedicated product pages and to articles where there is a clear correlation with the SEO work that has been done.

”We are incredibly satisfied with our collaboration with Beet. They are competent, flexible and always available to provide support. With Beet’s help, a structured and efficient approach brought rapid and tangible results in SEO, SEM and paid social.”

– Pia Cossa, Marketing Manager at MedHelp

Close collaboration between digital channels

When the new website was launched with its new SEO-optimized content, SEM and paid social were also connected to drive even more traffic to MedHelp. The collaboration since then has been shaped according to the synergies between the channels, and this has generated great results. In B2B marketing, and specifically in lead generation, these three channels work very well together. For MedHelp, the structure was designed so that SEO strategy sets the standard when it comes to what content should be created. The content is then matched against an SEM campaign, where you can see immediate results in the form of a higher Quality Score, because the content that traffic is being directed to is more relevant to the search, which in turn leads to lower click prices. If the new content is in the form of an article, it is also sponsored on both Facebook and LinkedIn. When it comes to conversions, it is primarily SEM and SEO together with direct traffic that have generated the clearest synergies, which can be seen in assisted conversions, where potential customers visit several channels before finally converting.

How the channels work together

The illustration shows the overlap between the channels in the form of assisted conversions.
Green: Organic
Blue: Paid search
Yellow: Direct

Method and results

Beet works with content SEO according to the client’s own resources. MedHelp has its own copywriters, so Beet's responsibility is to develop detailed action plans for how the content should be written and optimised using the right keywords in headings and texts, as well as the right internal linking. Beet provides specific recommendations on content optimisation and MedHelp brings its expertise in the field, which leads to efficient production of optimised content that generates good results in terms of rankings, traffic and conversions from organic search results. From having only been visible for its own brand, MedHelp has improved its rankings exponentially and has overtaken all its major competitors in terms of visibility. Since the start, MedHelp's visibility has increased by a whopping 1240%.

The points are calculated by giving each position in the search result a dedicated score.The figure for MedHelp is the total score. The green box shows the increased number of points registered since summer 2020.

The graph shows growth in visibility since summer 2020. MedHelp is the blue line.

Increased traffic and conversions

The thorough work with SEO that was done from the start with the new website and the continuous expansion of content on has increased traffic by 85% and conversions by 47% over the past 7 months compared with the previous year. Further evidence that working with SEO pays off can be found in the traffic that came in via specific pages that were created for SEO purposes. For the same period, we can see that the majority of the pages created have attracted a large proportion of traffic, as well as conversions via organic search.

The graph shows the improved ranking for one of the many key search phrases that we have worked with: "Rehabilitation chain"


In summary, Beet’s SEO work for MedHelp has generated great results in terms of rankings, traffic and conversions, not least when it comes to assisted conversions, where SEO has powerful synergies with SEM. Thanks to the highly efficient collaboration between MedHelp and Beet, we have been able to expand optimised content on the website rapidly, which has been a major contributor to the result.

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