SEO analysis

When you choose Beet as your SEO agency, our first step is to conduct an SEO analysis of your website. In an SEO analysis, we examine your content SEO, link building and technical SEO to determine how well optimised your website is, as well as the potential of the channel in terms of your needs. This analysis then forms the basis of the SEO strategy that is best suited to your company and your goals. Contact us to find out more about how we analyse SEO and how you can get a free SEO check-up.

SEO analysis step by step

An SEO analysis provides a picture of how well SEO optimised your website is for organic search results and is essential in order to be able to work effectively with SEO. The first step is to map how your website is currently performing, as this is crucial for your future strategy. Beet analyses the current status and effectiveness of your keywords, traffic, external links and technical structure, which provides the basis for continuous SEO work. This analysis gives a clear picture of your current situation and what is required for you to reach your goals.

Analysis of keywords

In a keyword analysis, we identify which keywords are most relevant for your website today, but also which keywords have great potential going forward, as SEO is a long-term process. The analysis covers search volumes, competition and rankings.

After this general keyword analysis, we identify potential for development and carry out a more detailed keyword analysis within these specific areas. We then review which areas are most important for you, as well as the potential of the keywords. This lays the foundation for the rest of the work. It is wise to start with key areas that already rank relatively highly and which can increase the chances of even better rankings through optimisation. Starting by optimising for this low-hanging fruit enables you to see the results of the optimisation much more quickly than if we optimise for keywords that are not yet ranking significantly.


  • The choice of which keywords should be used requires many different aspects to be taken into account, which we discuss with you based on your goals. These aspects include:
  • Search volumes
  • Competitors
  • Intentions
  • Low-hanging fruit – what keywords have the greatest short-term potential?
  • Long-term potential
SEO analysis provides an overview of how well optimised your website is

Analysis of traffic

We use the organic traffic to your website as a starting point to identify potential and to be able to measure growth. We look at:

  • How many visitors from organic search results you have today
  • Which landing pages attract most organic traffic
  • Which pages have the best potential to bring in more organic traffic if optimised
  • How much more organic traffic the website could potentially attract if optimised

Analysis of external links

External links that point to your domain are crucial if you want your website to achieve a high ranking. If several authoritative websites link to your website, it is deemed to be competitive in the field that the keywords correspond to, which can improve your Google ranking. Authoritative websites serve an important purpose for their visitors and work proactively to provide valuable content. Links from a subject-specific area with high relevance generally carry greater weight.

Google's bots crawl through the links pointing to your website and analyse both their quality and quantity. The quality of the links in turn impacts the strength of your domain. If your domain strength is already better or equivalent to that of similar websites, link building is rarely the highest SEO priority. If your domain is not strong, we can help you to set a strategy to acquire more links to your website in order to strengthen it.

SEO analysis of technical structure

The technical structure of your website is crucial to how search engines read your content. Technical factors impact the website's user-friendliness and its ranking. In a technical SEO analysis, we review the most important technical aspects that can determine the readability of your website for search engines.

Our technical SEO analysis covers aspects such as:

  • Heading structure
  • Broken links
  • Indexing issues
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • Canonicals
  • Response codes
  • URL structure
  • Loading times
  • Structured data
  • User-friendliness, Core Web Vitals

SEO Competitor analysis

It is vital to know what the competition looks like for the keywords you want to rank highly for. Businesses and websites that you do not regard as competitors may appear above you in search results. These are your SEO competitors. For example, if your niche is exclusive sofas, you may not see IKEA as a competitor. However, IKEA may appear higher than you in organic search results for phrases containing the word "sofa" that you want to appear in, making them a competitor in the search results. In a competitor analysis, we look at questions such as:

  1. Which keywords that you want to prioritise do your SEO competitors appear for?
  2. How strong are your competitors’ domains compared with yours?
  3. How do your competitors work with content?
  4. In which areas are there opportunities for you to rank higher than the competition?

The next step after an SEO analysis

When your SEO analysis is complete, you have the foundation for your SEO work. SEO work with Beet usually looks as follows:


We set an overall plan for the work going forward. As the work progresses, however, the plan usually needs to be adjusted and updated, for example due to new insights, an unexpected page suddenly ranking strongly, roll out of a Google update or other factors that require you to adjust your priorities. SEO has many components. Our starting point for any decisions we make together with you is always the data.


Based on your requirements, we submit regular action plans or work directly in your CMS every month. Action plans cover both technical SEO and content SEO, and they contain information such as:

  • Technical recommendations
  • Completed texts for publication
  • Frameworks for new content, i.e. headings and keywords
  • Guidance on internal linking
  • Meta titles and meta descriptions


We regularly review and submit reports analysing the results of all the work that has been done. The reports always include:

  • Rankings in search results before and after implementation
  • Traffic and conversion data
  • Changes in domain strength
  • Competitor comparisons

Get a free SEO site audit

Before you start working with us, we offer a free SEO audit to show how your website is performing today and how we could help you. These free micro health checks are less detailed than an SEO analysis – we carry out an overview of your current status, suggest potential areas for improvement and discuss how we could help you. A full SEO analysis is much more detailed and is always the first step once we start working together.

If you are interested in getting a free SEO audit of your website, just tell us more about your company in the form below and we will get back to you to discuss the possibility of taking a closer look at SEO for your company’s website.

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