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Beet offers technical SEO as part of a long-term plan where we work with all aspects of search engine optimisation in order to improve the rankings of our clients’ websites in search results. We also offer technical SEO as a separate service for clients who are changing the design of their website, building a new website or changing platforms. Contact us to find out how we can help you with technical SEO.


- Improve the structure on your website
- Improve usability
- Ensure that all pages are indexed correctly
- Shorten website load times
- Increase the attractiveness of your search results on search engines
- Improve the user-friendliness of information shared on social media

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a component of on page optimisation, together with content optimisation, meanwhile link building belongs to off page optimisation. The purpose of technical optimisation is to structure a website so that its content can be read correctly and indexed by search engines. This is done in the code and can include URL structure, structured data and optimisation of load times.

Why should you work with technical SEO?

Technical SEO provides a number of benefits for websites:

  • It gives the website the right structure
  • It improves usability
  • It ensures that all pages are indexed correctly
  • It reduces website load times
  • It improves the attractiveness of search results on search engines
  • It makes information shared on social media more user-friendly

At Beet, our SEO experts will tailor a plan to your exact circumstances and needs in order to achieve your goals. We offer a full range of SEO services and have long and broad experience of working with SEO for a wide variety of industries. Read more about the different components of SEO below!

Technical SEO optimisation at different stages

Technical SEO is important whether you are launching a new website, optimising an existing site or conducting a site migration. Continuous work with technical SEO on an existing website is crucial if you want to achieve the best ranking in search results. However, it is even more important that you prioritise technical SEO if you are launching a new website or migrating your site, which can impact your site negatively.


When building a new website, it is important to verify that all SEO elements are in place. You need to ensure that search engines can read the site and that they can index the pages that you create. Beet can help you to ensure that nothing is overlooked while the website is being built. We can help you all the way from the planning stage, where we can assess whether your proposed solution may affect structure and indexing, to the construction and launch of your new website.

During the construction stage, we work closely with your developers, communicating continuously and following up what has been done. At launch, we monitor search results and ensure that all pages are indexed correctly. In order for a website to have a strong start and the best ranking potential, it is also important to ensure that the content has been optimised and that the right keywords are being used. This can be done before or at the same time as the construction of the new website. We then need to carry out a keyword analysis to provide the basis of the content optimisation we can later recommend.

Technical SEO ensures that your pages can be read and indexed by search engines


For an existing site, a technical review of the page's qualities is needed to identify what should be optimised and in which order. We therefore carry out an initial technical analysis where we examine all the different elements that can affect the indexing and readability of the website, including:

  • Heading structure
  • Menu and URL structure
  • Speed
  • Mobile usability
  • Canonical links
  • Structured data
  • Sitemap and Robots.txt
  • Http response codes
  • Broken links
  • Hreflang

The SEO analysis can then be shared and followed up directly with your developers. If you need help with implementation, our developers can also provide support. Optimal SEO solutions, however, require continuous work with both technical SEO and content optimisation, and you may also need to work with link building if you have a less strong domain than your competitors. By working continuously, we can carry out the initial technical analysis and then follow up with technical checks regarding broken links, indexing, loading times etc at regular intervals.


If you are intending to make major changes to your site, such as changing platforms and site migration, it is important to make sure that all SEO elements are retained or are built up correctly on the new platform. At Beet, we can help you all the way from planning to launch and verify that your website fulfils the SEO standard required to give the best opportunities for prominent ranking in search results. However, in order to achieve top positions, you also need to optimise the content for keywords. If you are planning to transfer content from an old design to a new one, for example, it is vital that the new content is tagged correctly in the code and that the landing pages have the right structure.

Who needs technical SEO?

The right technical structure is essential for your website to function effectively. Development and SEO go hand in hand, improving user-friendliness for the benefit of both visitors and search engines. You need technical SEO whether you have an existing website, are building a new website or are planning to implement a major change to your website, e.g. changing platforms. At Beet, we work with all types of technical SEO solution, tailored to the needs of our clients.

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