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About Amazon Ads was launched in autumn 2020, and it is now possible to advertise on the Swedish Amazon website. Regardless of whether you choose to sell your products on Amazon or not, you should have a plan for ​​how you want to adapt to this retail giant’s presence. Beet has fully certified Amazon Advertising experts who can help you to take advantage of the marketing opportunities on Amazon.

What can Amazon Ads do for you?

- Reach customers with a strong intention to buy
- Learn more about your customers' purchasing behaviour
- Build brand awareness
- Increase conversions
- Reach a large number of potential customers
- Gain access to valuable data from the Amazon platform

Why advertise on Amazon?

Amazon enables you to reach a large number of potential customers who use the platform to shop or find shopping inspiration. By targeting digital ads to individuals with a strong intention to buy, you achieve a level of relevance that is difficult to find anywhere else. The many benefits of advertising on Amazon include:

  • Reaching a large number of potential customers with a strong intention to buy
  • Gaining access to data from the platform to learn more about your customers' purchasing behaviour
  • The potential to use Amazon's algorithm and data in your advertising

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Advertising opportunities on Amazon

There is a range of Amazon marketing services. Here we present a couple of examples.

Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands

If you wish to have access to all Amazon marketing services, the products you advertise need to be listed on Amazon. You will then be able to use the "Sponsored Products" and "Sponsored Brands" formats, which have many optimisation and segmentation options. These advertising services have an auction-based CPC solution, where the winning bid is calculated through a combination of the ad's relevance and the price per click you choose to pay.

Sponsored Products is a kind of hybrid of Google Shopping and Google Search Ads, where you can advertise specific products in the search result itself. This is done by optimising for specific keywords and similar or complementary products.

Sponsored Brands are advertisements for brand owners that include the company’s logo and a number of selected products. This type of ad appears both above the search result and in the search result itself. Sponsored brands can only be optimised for keywords.

Display- and video ads

For companies who choose not to sell their products on Amazon, there are still great opportunities to reach the platform's users through video and display advertising. Amazon Display Ads allows advertisers to have banners on Amazon's wholly owned sites such as and, as well as sites outside Amazon.

There is also the option to use video ads that play before, during or after video content on Amazon and other sites. The payment model for these ad types is CPM, meaning cost per thousand impressions of the ad. These ad types do not offer the same ability to direct ads to specific target groups to the same degree as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

How Beet can provide you with Amazon marketing services

Whether you're looking to build a brand, expand into new markets, grow existing markets or just learn more, our fully certified Amazon Advertising experts can show you how. Feel free to get in touch if you:

  • want to start selling on one of Amazon's marketplaces
  • are wondering about how to adapt to the presence of Amazon
  • are already active on Amazon but want to optimise your presence on the platform.
  • need help with day-to-day management of your Amazon marketing
  • need help setting up a strategy
  • …or just want to talk Amazon with us

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