Sail Racing increased its revenue by 117%

Sail Racing manufactures clothing for high-speed sailing, focusing on durability and technical innovation. The company works with several retailers, but also its own web shop that receives orders from all over the world. Since Beet started collaborating with Sail Racing within SEM in February 2020, their advertising has scaled new heights. Here you can read more about our collaboration with Sail Racing and the results we have achieved together.

Collaboration with Beet

Beet’s collaboration with Sail Racing began in February 2020, just before the pandemic took hold properly. At the time, Sail Racing had a worldwide Google Ads account that was generating sales, but they had decided it was time to take their SEM advertising to the next level. The initial goal of the collaboration was to increase sales and revenue from Google Ads in Sweden to a fixed ROAS target and then expand the marketing to other markets. Since the start of our collaboration, we have increased sales every year, while gradually expanding SEM advertising to six markets.


Since we started working with Sail Racing, transactions, revenue and conversion rates through SEM have seen a huge increase.



Transactions increased by 90% compared with 2019.



Revenue increased by 74% compared with 2019.


Conversion Rate

Conversion rate increased by 15% compared with 2019.



Transactions increased by 101% compared with 2020.



Revenue increased by 117% compared with 2020.


Conversion Rate

Conversion rate increased by 28% compared with 2020.

Success factors

Working with a client like Sail Racing presents challenges that are different than many of our other clients. Their competitors for purchased search results are usually their own retailers, and some of these are major players in clothing and fashion. So what Beet’s SEM specialists must do is ensure that we are always best placed when it comes to the client’s own products. We need to know how the retailers market the brand, know how we fare in competition for display share and take account of retailers' discounts so that we always maximise visibility according to the competition in the search results.

Together with Beet, we have taken our SEM advertising to a whole new level

What does the client say?

Together with Beet, we have taken our SEM advertising to a whole new level. In today’s world, we constantly face new challenges, but with Beet’s expertise we manage to navigate the way and continue the growth journey of We’d like to express particular thanks to Michael Vexmoore, who both challenges our ideas and assumptions and takes initiatives that consistently exceed our high expectations.

/ Christoffer Iveslätt, Online Store Manager

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